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VUZIX M400 augmented reality glasses
1,910.00 €

VUZIX M400 augmented reality glasses

  1. Quality

    The latter are equipped with a camera of very high quality, since they can achieve an image rendering in 4K thanks to the 12.8 MP to offer a better readability of the image. 

    Robust use

    As said before, the VUZIX M400 adapts to the different areas it can be confronted with. Indeed, the latter resists drops of 2 meters and has an IP67 rating that allows it to resist dust and water. 


    The VUZIX M400 augmented reality glasses offer a real comfort during the use, notably thanks to its ultra light weight of 190 g (battery, glass frame and USB cable included).


    Finally, the M400 is backwards compatible with most of the accessories offered by other VUZIX augmented reality glasses.

  2. Specs
     of VUZIX M400 glasses

  3. Sold with :

    - M400 viewer with adjustable display screen
    - USB-A Battery
    - USB-A to USB-C power cable
    - USB-A to Micro USB cable (for charging the USB-A Battery)
    - M-Series Lens-less frames
    - Soft case for storage


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