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Matts Digital offers an extensive range of products and services for your ARVR projects





Discover our unique service offering in Europe

Electronic REPAIR

The expertise of our Technical Center allows you to carry out Electronic Repairs on your ARVR equipment beyond the manufacturer's warranty. All products entrusted to us are thoroughly processed and registered in our quality system. When your product cannot be repaired, we propose to destroy it for you in accordance with WEEE recycling standards. 

PRODUCT reconditionING

Hygiene and safety are two of the top priorities in your company, especially when it comes to products that are in daily contact with the face and eyes of your employees. Matts Digital provides a complete cosmetic and hygienic reconditioning offer of your ARVR equipment fleet, for comfort and safety for users of your solutions. 

ADVANCED logisticS

Our technical expertise combined with our logistics capability allows you to benefit from advanced services such as pre-configuration, injecting specific configurations, assembling your IT solutions, securely hosting your inventory, delivery in Europe and internationally, as well as the management of the manufacturer's warranty and serial numbers. 


Matts Digital, ARVR value-added distributor

Matts Digital is a distributor specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. Our head office is based in Angers. Our industrial and logistics center is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, close to major highways. 

Our product offering includes a full range of ARVR headsets, devices and accessories, as well as a line of consumables for the hygiene and safety of your employees. At Matts Digital, we have also developed a unique and essential service offering, to ensure the success of your ARVR projects and support you in the pre-deployment, deployment and operations phases. 

Our important industrial and logistical capability will allow you to consider your ARVR project on a large scale, both in Europe and Internationally, with a trusted partner. Our wide range of products combined with our unique service offering in Europe ensure that you can easily and quickly deploy your ARVR projects within your company and Group.