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LENOVO THINKREALITY A3 Augmented Reality Glasses
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LENOVO THINKREALITY A3 Augmented Reality Glasses

  1. Lenovo ThinkReality A3 (PC Edition) augmented reality smart glasses are designed to transform your working environment and improve business productivity. These innovative glasses offer an advanced augmented reality experience that enables you to increase efficiency, reduce errors and collaborate more effectively. You can also benefit from 3D visualization right at your desk, opening up new perspectives for business activities.

    Transform your company's vision:

    Lenovo's ThinkReality A3s are designed to meet the new challenges facing workers in an ever-changing world. With increasingly diverse needs such as 3D visualization, guided workflows and remote collaboration, these versatile smart glasses adapt to every situation to maximize professional success.

    The perfect fit:

    ThinkReality A3 offers a customized fit for every individual. With multiple nosepieces and earpiece extensions, you can customize the glasses to suit your head size. Interchangeable front shields let you adapt them to different environments, offering options ranging from tinted cosmetic lenses to industry-standard safety shields. What's more, the corrective lenses mount easily onto the nosepiece for a single assembly, making it easy to share the glasses between multiple users.

  2. Specs


  3. Sold with :

    - Lenovo ThinkReality A3 (PC Edition)
  4. - Additional nose tips and earpiece extensions
    - Interchangeable front covers
    - DisplayPort cable
    - USB-C 3.0 cable
    - User guide

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