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BT-40 Smart Glasses (USB-C)
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BT-40 Smart Glasses (USB-C)

  1. The BT-40 model is equipped with Epson's Si-OLED technology which guarantees sharp and bright images. You will enjoy on these glasses a screen resolution of 1920x1080 (Full HD) allowing to obtain precise details in the image. Finally, for a better visualization of the information, the product has a field of view of 34.

    The transparent lenses allow the user of the Epson BT-40 glasses to superimpose the virtual image displayed in the glasses on the virtual world even when watching content. This second screen experience makes it easy to perform tasks more efficiently and keep what you are looking at private.

    Quick and easy connectivity 

    To connect the device nothing could be easier! Just take the USB-C cable that comes with the glasses and plug it into the content source (computer, smartphone, tablets) then plug the other end of the cable into your BT-40 glasses. 

    Durable and comfortable design 

    The glasses are comfortable to wear even during long usage sessions thanks to the durable design of the soft temples and good weight distribution.

  2. Epson BT-40 AR glasses specifications

    Sold with :

    - Moverio BT-40 Connected Glasses
    - USB cable
    - Dark Shadow
    - Instructions for use
    - Safety instructions

    content of what's in the box when you order an epson BT40

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