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The latest all-in-one 3 DOF VR headset from PICO adopting the XR2 CPU.

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The latest all-in-one 3 DOF VR headset from PICO adopting the XR2 CPU.

  1. The new 3 DOF headset from PICO

    The PICO G3 is the right hardware solution for various corporate 3 DOF VR projects.

    This new PICO G3 headset is the successor of the PICO G2 4K, it has more or less the same functionalities as its predecessor while benefiting from a real improvement in performance.

    High performance

    The PICO G3 virtual reality headset is the first 3-DOF headset to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. This processor allows the headset to make the content more fluid and close to reality for an even stronger immersion.

    Screen technology

    The 4K+ screen, its adjustable refresh rate from 72 Hz to 90 Hz as well as the high color saturation offers users high definition and fluidity during use. PICO, always in a logic of total immersion, offers on the PICO G3 a field of view of 98 degrees.

    Easy to use for everyone  

    The PICO G3 adapts to the different visions of users and offers a manual adjustment of the IPD (distance between your two eyes). The VR headset also has eye protection applied to the lenses and TUV certification. Finally, the protective foams are interchangeable, easy to clean and allow the headset to be used with glasses.

    The PICO G3 features a rotating arc column and optimal weight distribution for comfortable use over many hours. Compact and lightweight, the headset is made of new generation technologies that are increasingly lighter.

    A long-lasting battery

    Located at the back of the headset for comfort, the 5 300mAh battery provides an uninterrupted experience in the various virtual worlds. The battery provides up to 3 hours of use and features fast charging (Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0 standard).

    1 simple and convenient controller 

    The PICO G3 controller works with a trackpad and a few buttons. The grip is very simple and comfortable (40g). The controller works with 2 AAA batteries and connects to the headset with Bluetooth 5.2.

    A headset for businesses (PICO Business Suite)

    PICO Business Suite integrated with the headset, provides direct access to an operating system that allows PICO partners to manage their workflow in a secure and private manner. PICO Business Suite addresses the needs of enterprises and ISVs for customized solutions. The three main features of the system are sync, stream and kiosk mode, which allow multiple VR devices to connect while enabling live streaming and smoother viewing.

    In summary, the PICO G3 virtual reality headset is a wearable virtual reality solution that delivers a superior immersive experience. With its outstanding visual quality, smooth and fast performance and intuitive controller the PICO G3 becomes the new 3 DoF reference.

  2. Specifications of PICO G3

    Spec sheet pico g3

  3. VR Headset
    2 Alkaline Batteries
    USB-A to C 2.0 Data Cable
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