TeamViewer Frontline: All-in-One Augmented Reality Platform

Explore the next frontier of industrial efficiency with TeamViewer Frontline, the integrated Augmented Reality (AR) platform.
Simplify your industrial operations, minimize errors, and optimize quality while reducing costs.
Empower your frontline workers with the digital tools of the future today!

xAssist: Share Instant Virtual Expertise with Augmented Reality

xAssist is an innovative remote assistance solution that enables your frontline employees to access instant expertise directly through their augmented reality glasses while working hands-free.
Harness the features of augmented reality specifically designed for this purpose, including:
• Live indicator
• On-screen annotations
• Recognition of hazard signs
• Whiteboard functionality ...and much more!
Unlock seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity with xAssist.


Solve your challenges effortlessly with:
• Instant knowledge transmission
• Live remote assistance
Increase productivity with:
• Reduced operational downtime
• High-quality support
• Customer and team satisfaction
Cut Costs by:
• Minimizing travel expenses
• Optimizing resource allocation

xMake: Revolutionize Manufacturing Processes with AR

xMake : Innovate Your Workforce with Dynamic AR Instructions
Introducing xMake, an innovative solution that displays dynamic step-by-step instructions directly in the field of vision of your workforce through augmented reality glasses.
Digitize your processes with xMake for:
• Assembly
• Manufacturing
• Quality assurance
• Training and onboarding
Reduce human errors and enhance efficiency with xMake.


Assembly and Production
For faster operations:
• Hands-free functionality
• Critical information in your field of vision
• Smoother manufacturing processes
Reduce errors with:
• Integrated quality assurance
• Step-by-step instructions
• Sensor-based controls
Experience enhanced flexibility with:
• Rapid employee training
• Minimal interruptions
• Improved ergonomics

xInspect: Accelerate Maintenance and Repairs with AR

xInspect : Digitize Manuals for Augmented Maintenance and Repairs
Discover a solution that digitizes manuals and seamlessly integrates with your augmented reality glasses, allowing your teams to visualize schematics, maintenance instructions, and repair guides.
Say goodbye to complex maintenance manuals and display all crucial information directly in the user's field of vision.
With xInspect, you can digitize:
• Assisted diagnostics
• Guided troubleshooting
• Checklist examinations
• Automated documentation
Enhance your maintenance and repair processes with xInspect's advanced capabilities.


Inspections and Maintenance
For streamlined maintenance:
• Hands-free operation
• Instant documentation
• Automated reports
Digitize your processes with:
• Integrated quality assurance
• Step-by-step instructions
• Sensor-based controls
Easy implementation with:
• Workflow configuration
• Integration of existing data
• Customized user interface

xPick: Revolutionize Logistics and Warehousing Processes

xPick : Award-Winning AR Solution for Vision Picking
Discover xPick, a patented and award-winning AR solution for vision picking.
By digitizing your processes with xPick, you secure:
• Manual order preparation
• Packing and sorting of goods
• Sequencing and kitting
• Goods entry and exit
• Inventory control
• Replenishment and stocking
Enhance your efficiency and accuracy with the innovative capabilities of xPick.


Logistics and Warehousing
For quicker operations:
• Hands-free functionality
• Crucial information in the field of vision
• Rapid scaling and expansion
Reduce errors with:
• Graphically guided instructions
• Step-by-step guidance
• Integrated confirmations
Experience improved flexibility with:
• Complete mobility
• User adaptability
• Compatibility with all devices

TeamViewer Frontline License

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1 020€ excl. VAT
per user per year


Assembly and Production
 1 865€ excl. VAT
per user per year


Inspections and Maintenance
1 865€ excl. VAT
per user per year


Logistics and Warehousing
1 725€ excl. VAT
per user per year

Services offer

Experience smooth integration! Matts Digital provides expert guidance during the deployment of TeamViewer Frontline on your AR devices. Unlock the potential effortlessly.

Server Configuration

• Service required during the first purchase of a license.

TeamViewer Account Configuration

• Account creation and setup
• Customization with your company logo
• User creation and access rights setup
• Entity creation

TeamViewer set up

Everything that is in 'TeamViewer Account Configuration,' plus:

• Remote assistance via video conferencing and screen sharing during the installation

Pre-shipment headset configuration

• Headset set up
• Language preference programming
• Physical software installation
• Headset configuration
• Compliance testing