PICO Business Suite: Harnessing the Power of Virtual Reality for Businesses

Dive into the heart of the PICO experience with its Business Suite, an operating solution designed specifically for businesses.
Powered by PICO's cutting-edge technology, this revolutionary software suite fuels a wide range of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, including the brand new Pico 4 Enterprise.
Discover how PICO Business Suite redefines standards in user experience and professional features.

Three fundamental pillars structure PICO Business Suite


Synchronization enables simultaneous control of multiple VR devices, ensuring a synchronized experience for users.


Streaming enables live broadcasting of diverse content across multiple VR devices.

Kiosk Mode

The kiosk mode simplifies access to predefined VR content.
Discover how...


Control multiple VR devices via PICO Business Suite for PC/tablet, enabling synchronized exploration of VR content such as videos, applications, and images. This functionality finds various applications in fields such as education, cultural tourism, entertainment, and exhibitions.
Synchronisation - PICO Business Suite


Stream live content from SteamVR, PC desktop, or other applications to multiple VR devices simultaneously, providing an immersive and shared experience to your target audience.
Streaming - PICO Business Suite

Kiosk Mode 

Simplify access to predefined VR content by activating kiosk mode. Users can automatically start playing VR videos as soon as they put on their headset, thus simplifying the user experience.
Mode Kiosque - PICO Business Suite

PICO Solutions

Matts Digital offers the full range of PICO VR headsets compatible with the Business Suite.

Service Offering

Matts Digital provides support during the deployment of your PICO solutions

Configuration and Setup Assistance

• Customer account creation and configuration
• Customer account customization
• User and access rights creation
• Entity creation
• Setup assistance
• Remote service via video conferencing and screen sharing

Headset Programming Prior to Shipment

• Headset configuration
• Registering headsets to the client's account
• Compliance testing

Park Maintenance and Technical Hotline Support

• Technical support via phone and Teamviewer
• Creation of additional user accounts and entities
• Updating headset fleet upon client's request
• Updating headset content upon client's request

Matts Digital remains at your disposal for any further information you may require.