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The solution: UVC LED cleans 50 headsets per hour.
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  1. An ultra-effective cleaning solution.

    Discover Cleanbox products, utilizing exclusive UVC LED engineering technology for 99.999% decontamination in just 1 minute, ensuring safe and effective targeted surface cleaning. These products offer a 4-year lifespan without requiring maintenance or bulb replacement, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution. The CX1 is UL certified and independently lab validated, ensuring its reliability and safety for general use. These products are modular, stackable, and mountable, with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and various accessory options available.

    The Cleanbox CX1 can process up to 50 virtual and augmented reality headsets per hour, providing medical-grade decontamination (99.999%) in just 1 minute. Lightweight, durable, and easy to transport, this product is ideal for various environments. Each CX series comes equipped with an adjustable hook, a lockable door for secure storage, and a USB/C charger. A tailored travel case is also available. 

    At a selling price of €2,200 excluding tax, the CX1 offers an economical cleaning power, equivalent to €46 per month over a 4-year lifespan. With a potential return on investment potentially 10 times higher from the first month of use, the CX1 will enable substantial savings in both money and time over 4 years, while ensuring user safety. 

  2. Specifications of Cleanbox CX1 : 

     LED UVC  265 nM
     Heat emission   X
     Power source  100 to 240V or 50 to 60Hz
     Impact on plastic   X
     Cleaning Speed   60 seconds
     Efficiency  Elimination of 99.99% of bacteria 

  3. Includes : 

    - 1 x Cleanbox CX1
    - 1 x Required cables 
    - 1 x User guide