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The solution OmniClean : UVC LED cleans a hundred of solutions per hour.
3,800.00 €

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  1. A 360-degree cleaning solution

    Discover Cleanbox OmniClean, an essential option for complete disinfection with 360-degree UVC LED technology. With over 30 UVC LEDs, specialized reflective surfaces, and a rotating quartz plate, OmniClean ensures 99.999% decontamination on all surfaces within a 12″x12″x7″ space. From virtual reality headsets to toys and mobile phones, nothing escapes its purifying power. Enjoy peace of mind in just 1 minute! Get it now for €3,800 excluding tax or opt for monthly payments of approximately €80 over 4 years, with no maintenance required.

  2. Specifications of Cleanbox OmniClean : 

     LED UVC  265 nM
     Heat emission  X
     Power source  100 to 240V or 50 to 60Hz
     Impact on plastic   X
     Cleaning Speed  60 seconds
     Effiency  eliminate 99.99% of bactéria 
     Decontamination  360 degree 

  3. Includes : 

    - 1 x Cleanbox OmniClean
    - 1 x Required cables 
    - 1 x User guide
    - 1 x Quartz turntable