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Lunettes de réalité augmentée Epson Moverio BT-40SN
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Augmented reality glasses Epson Moverio BT-40S

  1. Epson's AR smart glasses allow you to interact with the real world by adding content that is only visible in the glasses. This superposition of the two worlds, allows access to unique information and a vision of our world in a whole new way. 

    The Epson Moverio BT-40S AR glasses offer exceptional image quality. Indeed, they are equipped with innovative Si-OLED technology and binocular screens. The proposed display resolution is 1080p (Full HD), which is more than enough to obtain a good quality image. 

    The transparent screen of the glasses allows you to watch content while keeping an eye on the environment around us. The Epson BT-40S glasses are also a good way to secure your data. It is possible to display the content of your computer in your glasses in order to make it inaccessible for the people around you (security of your data).

    Durable, flexible and comfortable 

    The Epson BT-40S are easy to wear and very comfortable for long term use thanks to the soft temples and the good weight distribution in the glasses. 

    Indoor and outdoor use 

    The removable magnetic shade and ambient light sensor that detects the brightness of your environment to adjust the display are optimal for use in the most challenging conditions. 


    The touch controller that comes with the headset is highly intuitive and is Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified. It is equipped with the latest Android operating system, a high-resolution camera (13 MP), a flashlight and various sensors supporting applications. 

  2. Epson BT-40S glasses specifications

  3. Sold with :

    - Moverio BT-40S connected glasses
    - Moverio BT-40 smart controller
    - Dark glass
    - Headset User Guide
    - Controller User Guide
    - Safety Instructions
    - USB cable
    - SD card slot pin

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