INSTA 360 - Invisible Selfie Stick

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INSTA 360 - Invisible selfie stick
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INSTA 360 - INSTA 360 - Invisible selfie stick

  1. The Insta360 invisible selfie stick lets you capture unique moments. Thanks to its exclusive stitching software, the selfie pole disappears from 360 images for an immersive experience without any visual clutter.

    Lightness and practicality are the watchwords of this selfie stick. Its improved structure and materials make it super-light and easy to use.

    Stronger than ever, this selfie stick ensures exceptional stability, even during intense action scenes. It helps maintain an invisible effect, giving the impression that images are taken without a pole.

    Thanks to its practical, durable extension mechanism, this selfie stick makes it easy to get the length you want. The integrated spring guarantees smooth extension and optimum durability.
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  3. Spécifications of INSTA 360 Selfie Stick

    Brand INSTA 360 Compatible devices INSTA 360 camera
    Weight 118 grams Extended dimensions
    114 centimeters