META QUEST 2 - 256 Go

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The Meta Quest 2 is the Meta headset for home use
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The Meta Quest 2 is the Meta headset for home use

  1. The Meta Quest 2 256GB standalone VR headset is a high-quality virtual reality device that provides an immersive and interactive experience. It features a high-resolution LCD screen for a crisp, clear image, as well as built-in 3D sound for an even more realistic gaming or movie-watching experience.

    The headset is equipped with motion and positioning sensors that track the user's head and body movements and adapt accordingly to provide a smooth and responsive experience. The headset is also equipped with motion controllers that allow the user to navigate and interact with the virtual environment in an intuitive manner.

    The Meta Quest 2 VR headset is compatible with a PC to get additional content (Steam VR games...). With its 256GB storage capacity, it can store a large amount of VR content, including games, movies and immersive experiences.

  2. Specifications of Méta Quest VR Headset 256 Go

    Resolution 1834 x 1920 per eye Field of view 97 horizontal / 93 vertical
    Refresh rate 120 Hz Tracking  6 DoF
    Storage (ROM) 256 Go Displays Fast switch LCD display
    RAM 6 Go Connectivity USB-C / Wi-Fi 6/ Bluetooth 5.0
    Snapdragon XR2
    Battery 3640 mAh / 3 hours
    Audio Integrated speakers + 3.5 mm jack
    Weight 503 g 
    Operating System Android 10 Controllers 2 x 126g joysticks with AA batteries

  3. The contents of the Meta Quest 2 box : 

     1 Vr Headset
     2 Touch controlllers and AA batteries
     1 spacer for glasses
     1 charging cable 
     1 power adapter

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