PICO VR Double PU Facial Cover Foam

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PICO VR Double PU Facial Cover Foam

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Double PU Facial Cover Foam for PICO virtual reality headsets

  1. General description

    The facial replacement foam for PICO AR/VR headsets is made of smooth leatherette (double PU) to guarantee you more comfort. Easy to clean, you will also have less hygiene problems.

    Virtual reality headsets are in direct contact with the face and eyes of your employees, so it is essential to regularly clean the protective face cushion to ensure their hygiene and safety. This AR/VR accessory allows you to replace the original face cushion with a more comfortable and hygienic material.

    The video below explains how to clean the PICO protective face cushion.

    PICO Coussin facial de protection

  2. Specs of the PICO Facial Cover Foam

    This protection is compatible with the entire PICO range:

    - PICO G2 4K
    - PICO G2 4K S
    - PICO G2 4K Entreprise
    - PICO Neo 2
    - PICO Neo 2 Eye