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The Pimax 5K Super Virtual Reality Headset offers smoother performances.
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Pimax 5K Super


    With a refresh rate up to 180 Hz, you will never miss even the slightest motion.

    The 5K SUPER witnesses the experimental 180 Hz mode, and also offers alternative refresh rate modes of 90 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz and 160 Hz.

    Providing vivid lifelike graphics, 5K SUPER would further offer you the upper hand in first-person shooters, racing, real-time strategy, and so on, highlight the effectiveness of the texture and elevate thesense of presence to a whole new level in VR.

    In due course of time, you could timely respond to displacements and take action.

    Pimax 5K Super 180 Hz

    An ultra-wide field of view of 200°: the closest to real human vision.

    The standard Pimax 200°FOV (Diagonally) guarantees your immersive experience by allowing unparalleled fidelity that rivals a human's natural vision which once experienced you will not be able to return to any other VR headset. With Pimax you'll get a VR view without compromises.

    Pimax 5K Super 200° FOV

    Advanced dual 2.5K custom screen

    Pimax 5K Super dual screen

    New Ergonomic Design with Comfort Enhancements

    With our newly designed Vision comfort kit (including a face cowling, nose guard and soft face foam) and our latest integrated modular audio strap users are able to enjoy a hassle-free VR experience with the best available visual and audio quality. The new comfort enhancements also allow for hours and hours of continuous enjoyment.

    Pimax 5K Super Ergonomic Design

    Built to last

    Our new Pimax Vision headsets have been upgraded with a new material and a special damage resistant coating. This guarantees years of worry-free uninterrupted VR experience.

  2. Specs

     Size 280.1 x 108.2 x 135.9 mm 
     OS  Windows 10 
     GPU  NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti or above
     CPU  Intel I5-9400 or above
     RAM  8 GB or more
     Output  USB 2.0 / 3.0, DP1.2 
     Resolution per eye  2560 x 1440 
     Refresh rate  180 Hz 
     MTP latency  < 10 ms 
     FOV  200°

    You can find all the details on Pimax's website!