VARJO XR-4 - Ultraleap Hand Tracking

VARJO XR-4 - Ultraleap Hand Tracking

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Hand tracking accessory for VARJO XR-4
499.00 €
Bundle with hand tracking accessory for Varjo XR-4 and Ultraleap license 

Activate hand tracking for your XR-4 series headset and gain access to the fastest, most accurate and robust hand tracking with superior performance in key areas such as initialization, pose accuracy and occlusion management. 

The package includes a Leap Motion Controller 2, a custom mounting kit and an enterprise license for Gemini, Ultraleap's fifth-generation hand-tracking software, which is integrated with Varjo Base. 

The latter also enables XR-3 and XR-4 series headsets to benefit from multi-device capabilities, guaranteeing a superior hand-tracking experience for unique and complex use cases. Multi-device capability means you can control an even wider and more precise tracking area using a single computer. By using more than one camera, a user's hands can be covered in several directions, enabling the hand to be captured as accurately as possible and avoiding the occultation of fingers.

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