VARTA AA rechargeable batteries X 4

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Set of 4 rechargeable batteries Varta AA 2100mAh
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Set of 4 Varta AA 2100mAh rechargeable batteries

  1. The Accu Power range of powerful products combines the best value for money. Once charged, Varta batteries retain up to 75% of their original capacity after 12 months of storage.

    Varta offers rechargeable batteries for all your needs. All common sizes, including the highest capacities, use Ready To Use technology. An environmentally friendly product range to satisfy the most demanding users.

     Ready To Use technology: energy available immediately after purchase without prior charging
     Very low self-discharge level, up to 75% charge after 12 months
     Rechargeable without memory effect
     Compatible with all types of chargers and devices

  2. Varta AA Battery Specifications

    Number of batteries 4 mAh capacity  2100
    Rechargeable batteries Yes Equivalents AA, HR6, LR6, R6, LR06, MN1500
    Battery technology NiMh 1.2V Compatibility All types of chargers and devices