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Meta Quest 3 - Redefine Professional Horizons with the Power of Mixed Reality

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Meta Quest 3 - Redefine Professional Horizons with the Power of Mixed Reality  

Discover Meta Quest 3, the ultimate mixed reality headset. Dive into total immersion or blend virtual and physical worlds with unparalleled performance. 

  1. Revolutionary Mixed Reality 

    Immerse yourself in full experiences or blend virtual content with the physical environment.

    Visualize designs in the real world without prototyping or safely learn hazardous skills.

    Thanks to the crystalline color passthrough, stay connected to the real world during your tasks.


    Ready for VR work. Cutting-edge solutions at a price designed for teams.

    Control and manage as many headsets as needed with Quest for Business.

    Performance & Next-Generation Hardware 

    More than double the processing power of the Quest 2.

    Fast loading times and incredibly sharp details for total immersion at work.

    Rich Content

    Extensive library of immersive work tools, from design to training.

    Partnership with Meta for a growing ecosystem of efficient and fun tools.

    Improved Ergonomics

    Sleeker and more customizable design than the Meta Quest 2 for optimal comfort.

    Lighter Touch controllers for intuitive navigation.

    Buy now and be part of the mixed reality revolution with Meta Quest 3!  

  2. Specs

    specs of the meta quest 3

  3. Sold with :

    - 128GB Quest 3 headset x 1
    - Crystal controller x 2
    - Lanyards x 2
    - 2m Charging cable x 1
    - Power adapter x 1
    - Quick Start Guide / Reference Manual x 1

    what's in the box when you order a meta quest 3

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