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Silicone Facial Interface for Meta Quest 3

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Silicone Facial Interface for Meta Quest 3  

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  1. Maximize your comfort and keep your Meta Quest 3 in pristine condition. Our soft silicone interface, tailor-made for your device, molds seamlessly to your face, ensuring that external light doesn't intrude upon your immersive experience.

    Elevate Your VR Journey

    Maintain unparalleled immersion with this facial interface crafted for enthusiasts. Whether you're diving into an intense gaming session or a tranquil VR escapade, our interface guarantees that neither comfort nor hygiene is compromised. Designed to perfectly fit even those wearing glasses, it stands as an indispensable accessory for every Meta Quest 3 owner.

    Why Choose Our Facial Interface?

    Unmatched Cleanliness: Made of silicone, it resists sweat and dirt, making cleaning a breeze.

    Supreme Comfort: Its flexible and ergonomic design ensures a perfect adaptation to your face's contour.

    Hassle-free Sharing: Ideal for group VR sessions, it safeguards each user while extending the life of your device.

    Quick Setup: Comes with an SWG for optimal attachment, setting it up is a matter of seconds.

  2. Specifications

    Washable interface 
     Ergonomics Contoured to the face 
     Color Black
     Material Premium-grade Silicone 
     Compatibility Only for Meta Quest 3 


  3. Sold with :

    - 1 Silicone Facial Interface
    - 1 Guide for optimal attachment 

    Picture of the silicone interface


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