META QUEST 3 - Charging Dock

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Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock

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Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock - The Ultimate Solution to Cable Clutter

  1. Give your Meta Quest 3 headset the best charge with our all-in-one charging station. Equipped with wireless technology, it also supports controllers with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, its compatibility extends to other flagship Meta Quest accessories, including the Elite strap

    Main Features 

    The Meta Quest 3 charging station revolutionizes your charging experience. Specifically designed for the Meta Quest 3 headset, this station ensures optimal use without the hassle of cables. It also stands out with its ability to charge not only the headset but also the Touch Plus controllers. Its sleek white design adds a touch of elegance to your space, while its compatibility with other Meta Quest accessories guarantees a complete VR experience.

    Technically speaking, it employs a USB-C to USB-C cable for a dependable connection. The provided batteries boast an impressive capacity of 3.85V/167mAh/640mWh, ensuring prolonged usage after each charge. 

    Why go with this? 

    The Meta Quest 3 charging station frees you from limitations. Say goodbye to cable clutter on your desk or nightstand. With a charging power of up to 27W, your gear will be ready in no time. Going with this authentic Meta Quest accessory ensures top-notch performance and longevity for your equipment. 

    Benefits for the consumer 

    With the Meta Quest 3 charging station, say goodbye to cable chaos. Enjoy swift charging with power up to 27W, and relish every moment in your virtual realms. By choosing this genuine Meta Quest product, you're securing unmatched performance and durability, ensuring a seamless immersion experience. 

  2. Specifications

    Cable type USB-C to USB-C Battery capacity 3.85V/167mAh/640mWh * 2
    Color White Compatibility Only for Meta Quest 3

  3. Sold with Meta Quest 3

    1 charging station
    1 cable of 2m
    2 rechargeable batteries for controllers
    1 Quick Start Guide 

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