META QUEST 3 - Elite Strap Battery

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Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3

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Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3

  1. The Elite Strap with battery for Meta Quest 3 is the ideal accessory for users looking to combine comfort with extended battery life. Specifically designed for the Meta Quest 3 headset, it provides enhanced stability while incorporating a lithium-ion battery. 

    Key Features 

    This strap is made from high-quality materials: plastic, silicone for the back of the head support, and fabric for the top strap. Colored in white, it is exclusively compatible with Meta Quest 3. One of its major advantages is its built-in battery, boasting an impressive capacity of 7.68V/2330mAh/17.9Wh. 

    Why Choose It? 

    The Elite Strap for Meta Quest 3 dramatically transforms your VR experience. It allows you to work comfortably while extending your MR time by an additional 2 hours. It fits perfectly on most head sizes thanks to its user-friendly dial. Moreover, with its soft and flexible silicone support, fatigue is significantly reduced even after extended use. 

  2. Specifications 

    Shape Head strap with integrated battery 
    Materials - Plastic
    - Silicon
    - Fabric
    Color White Compatibility Only for Meta Quest 3
    Battery capacity  7.68V/2330mAh/17.9Wh     

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    Meta Quest 3 - Elite strap with battery

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